This is ‘Stump Me’, the curious game that tests your mind with different puzzles

This is ‘Stump Me’, the curious game that tests your mind with different puzzles

Within the infinity of games that we can find in the application stores, there are many proposals to exercise our mind and some of them are so difficult that they pose a real challenge. Although it cannot be said that it belongs to this last group, the title that we bring you today also tests our logic.

His name is ‘Stump Me’ (‘Stump Me! – Can you pass it?’ On Android) and he has landed on both platforms recently. In a few days it has managed to place itself in the highest positions of the download ranking in several countries and can already boast an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, both among iOS users and among Android users

“Are you really smart?”

With that question begins the description of this simple and curious game. Do not fool yourself, no matter how much you play it, you will not find out if you are a genius or not, but at least, you will spend some time entertaining.

The mechanics are very simple

Each level poses a riddle or logic problem that we must solve to move on to the next. We can take all the time we need and make mistakes as many times as we want.

To solve the challenges, we will have to pay close attention, not get carried away by the first impulse and look at all the details. Sometimes, you just have to tap on one of the options, but other times, it will be necessary to drag elements of the image with your finger or even shake the phone. As we move forward in the game, we will get keys as a reward (we can also get them by watching advertising videos).

In the event that we get stuck on some level (something quite likely), we have two options: see an ad to jump to the next level or ask for one or two tips (each in exchange for a key). At the moment, there are 90 levels available that we can play again at any time, but its creators assure that they will be adding more progressively. Meanwhile, we have the option of challenging someone to see if they can solve them.

The interface, as we see in the screenshots, is as simple as it is friendly, and the game allows you to enable or disable vibration and sound. In addition, we have the option to change the background or skin theme, thanks to a gallery that we can also unlock by viewing ads.

We are therefore facing a simple and free game for the whole family (for those over 4 years old on iOS and PEGI7 on Android) which, without being anything from the other world, is entertaining. The problem, as always, lies in advertising, sometimes excessive, although it is true that it can come in handy to get more keys. Is there a way to avoid it? No, not even paying.

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