Om Nom: Merge

The protagonist of Cut The Rope returns with a puzzle and fusion game, Om Nom: Merge

All of us who watched the game evolve on the smartphone lovingly saved some of its iconic characters. The birds of Angry Birds, for example, like the adorable Om Nom, protagonist of Cut The Rope. Do you remember the adorable green monster of the mythical game of cutting the rope to drop candy? Well, the developer, Zeptolab, has just updated the saga with a new title; moving away this time from the typical mechanics in Cut The Rope.

If in the previous titles starring Om Nom we had to cut the rope so that our protagonist could devour the candy, the mechanics in Om Nom: Merge consist of merging characters to make them stronger in order to clear the next level. Read sounds strange, played not so much: this new game keeps certain similarities with a 2048 or Threes, for example.

Colorful and free casual game

It does not involve too much mystery beyond its somewhat chaotic tutorial: in Om Nom: Merge you have to join characters in the lower area of ​​the screen while in the upper one the action takes place with Om Nom and his friends devouring fruits. The idea is to find new characters based on merging them on the lower board in the purest Dragon Ball Z style; completing with it the lists of collections offered by the game.

Om Nom continues to be as adorable as when he starred in Cut the Rope, that hasn’t changed: Zeptolab, the developers behind the saga, know it’s the greatest value they possess. Beyond here, any resemblance to the original disappears: the new title is much simpler, it also borders on excess in-app purchases.


According to Om Nom and his friends (the Nommies) they will devour fruit we will earn coins; that we can exchange for new characters. What do we have two equals on our bottom board? We can merge them to win a higher category Nommie. In addition, each of the characters on the board has a number; which corresponds to the number of Nommies that we can take to the forest simultaneously: the more there are faster we will pass the level.

Om Nom: Merge has coins to exchange for Nommies and gems, which accelerate the process of obtaining gifts. And, as you can imagine, it is possible to accelerate this process even further with the purchase of virtual currency using authentic money; although in-app purchases are not essential to enjoy the game.

It’s simple, maybe too much, it can also be somewhat monotonous. Even so, it maintains the original charm of Cut The Rope even if the mechanics have completely changed. What do you want to give it a try? Om Nom: Merge is available on Android and also on iOS.

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