The 3 BEST games for Mac (2018) – Essential!

The 3 BEST games for Mac (2018) – Essential!

We review the best video games that you can play natively on Apple computers.

There are few machines more reliable for day to day than an Apple computer. The Mac – or Macintosh, for the most veteran – is an all-terrain device, dressed in one of the best and most robust operating systems on the market, an up-to-date design and superior performance in many of the most specific and demanding tasks. Although its price can be high for many pockets, a machine designed and conceived in Cupertino is an investment for the future. They are computers designed for almost everything. And we say almost everything because although they are becoming more powerful and have better internal components, video games remain their weak point.

Yes, you can have a shiny laptop or a desktop iMac with the best floor, but you may not be able to enjoy the latest releases, the best games or the latest productions of digital leisure. The video game fans know that a Mac with macOS and OSX is not a good environment for gamers. While Mac computers have a highly optimized, polished and complete operating system, which allows you to do very complex tasks without sacrificing performance, the catalog of video games available on Apple devices is very short. You just have to walk through Steam or GOG to verify that the number of existing games for Mac systems is almost anecdotal.

The motives? Despite what many people believe, it is not a hardware thing. Mac computers mount components very similar to those of the most recent PCs, and in some cases very specific, even with higher variants or specifications. The problem lies in the lack of compatibility and support for the existing graphic APIs in the operating system, which are still far behind the usual ones on PC. Little by little, it seems, this will change, and while Apple teams embrace a new standard that brings them closer to video games, in Vandal we select 20 titles that you must have and those you must play in your new and shiny MacBook Pro or iMac .

League of Legends

The world’s most successful MOBA is officially available on Mac for free. The bulwark of eSports and one of the most played titles day after day on Steam, has support and a version designed for Mac by Riot Games. Its formula, which combines strategy, role and addictive online competition through a huge number of completely different heroes and villains, has become the epitome of multiplayer games and has managed to cross the barrier of what is a simple video game to become In a cultural phenomenon.

Starcraft 2

We talked about one of the best real-time strategy video games of all time. Blizzard’s title takes us to a distant future in which three races dispute the control of resources and supremacy across the most varied planets and surfaces. The video game has recently made the leap to free-to-play, although all its expansions and improvements are also available in the traditional way. StarCraft II – and its first part, completely remastered – work perfectly on Mac, and given the quality of its tactical proposal, it is news to celebrate.

Stardew valley

The considered indie of the year, is available on Mac. Although it is common for independent panorama video games to have their counterpart in Apple computers, the arrival of a heavyweight like Stardew Valley is something that many did not expect. In the title of Eric Barone we must manage a farm and everything that entails, yes, but its mechanics and its rural and rugged presentation hide much more, moving to a particular universe in which the narrative, exploration and our decisions will have a direct influence on the way we will live our departure.


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The 3 BEST games for Mac (2018) – Essential!


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We review the best video games that you can play natively on Apple computers.

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