5 of the best games for Mac

5 of the best games for Mac

Are there games for Mac? This is a question that all PC users have surely asked ourselves on occasion. Either because we are going to buy an Apple computer, because we already have one and we feel like throwing some games at something or out of curiosity, the issue of Mac games is interesting.

Certainly, Mac OS is not an operating system that is made to play, something that is because of the “ difficulties ” that developers have to make a port of the Windows version, which takes more time and money. However, the situation has changed quite a few years to this part and, although with a significantly lower number than in Windows, we found a good handful of games to enjoy on Mac.

To play on Mac you don’t have to do black magic. We have, as in PC, the possibility to download games from the AppStore itself. Titles like Shadows of Mordor, Oxenfree, Black Ops 2, The Sims or Firewatch, among many others, are available on Apple’s own platform (which also has its own sales).

We can also choose to install games from their own installer, something that developers like Riot Games with League of Legends prefer, or download Steam and Blizzard clients. If we do this, the platforms themselves will indicate the games that are compatible with our Mac.

A few years ago this was difficult to say, but now we have hundreds of perfect games to enjoy on Apple computers and it is difficult to choose 10 of the best games for Mac, since they are left out real jewels such as KOTOR II. Therefore, with some exceptions, we chose the best 10 games for Mac that still have to talk, that have been launched recently or that are practically timeless.

Civilization V

We do not get off the strategy, but we do change completely from third. If StarCraft II is a real-time strategy game in which we have to control resources and manage the creation of units and technology to face an implacable enemy, Civilization V lowers the piston a bit to offer us a different strategy.

We will have to advance our civilization through the centuries and millennia. We will have to face armed conflicts, but also use diplomacy to succeed, all from a perfect game style to not sleep at night due to its “ one more turn, and I leave it ”.

If you want to play Civilization V on Mac, you can do it through the App Store or the Steam client. Of course, we strongly recommend the Steam version

Half Life 2

And from a mythical saga, we go to a game that is legend. Half Life 2 works on Mac thanks to Steam and, although it is a very old game, it is practically mandatory for every player that boasts. If you have just entered the world of Apple computers, you better download Steam and install, first, the game that Valve was marked in 2004.

In addition, both Half Life 1 and the two episodes of Half Life 2 are compatible with Mac. You have no excuse.

Divinity Original Sin

Divinity Original Sin is a total course change on this list. And, if we had shooters, MOBA and strategy, now it plays a role. But the role of the so-called ” rolazo ”, that kind of role with an isometric view for which we will have to ask for a vacation quarter.

And, Divinity Original Sin has a story that captures, but more so do its characters, the universe, playable mechanics and the impressive world created for the occasion. If you want to enjoy one of the best role-playing games for Mac, you can do it through Steam.

The witness

The Witness is the game that will make you feel somewhat silly. Jonathan Blow, father of Braid (also compatible with Mac), last year signed one of those great games that no puzzle and puzzle fan should miss. With a first person view, we will advance through an island that has different themes solving panels that act as puzzles.

These panels are connected and, when we solve them, they give us access to new areas or put in place elements that let us drop what has happened on the island. There is a puzzle that only 1% of players can solve, according to Blow. Will you live up to it? The Witness is one of the best games for Mac and is available on Steam.


More strategy, but from a different point of view. XCOM 2 (and its first part, also on Steam) is a turn-based strategy game in which we control a group of soldiers who must stand up to the aliens that have invaded the planet. We will have to fight, but also manage the team and negotiate in a spectacular game at the visual level and that, like Civilization, will hook you up to the beauty.

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