Slendytubbies, the game

Slendytubbies, the game

Everyone, or at least most of us, knows the game of lender Slenderman ’. Well, let’s change the characters of that game a bit. What do you think if we exchange Slender for some rabid Teletubbies? Someone opted for it, and nothing was wrong. For this I present the following game: ‘Slendytubbies’.


As I said before we have exchanged Slender for these bugs. Adorable, when we were little, but in this game they are responsible for destroying our lives. This game is available online and with download, in the link that I leave at the end of the entry.

To access it we do not need to be registered or have an account or anything like that. Just click on the link and let it load. Once inside we have the option of choosing one or more players, and after making our choice we can choose between a day, night or sunset environment.

If you like to spend some intrigue, scares or even fear, I recommend the option of the night. What we must do next is to start the game. We move through the arrows and change the views with the mouse. The game is about finding all the pink and famous pancakes of our Telettubies. But be careful, it won’t be that easy.

Throughout the game we will meet them, which will kill us if they catch us. And also tell you that throughout the game one of them will follow you, exactly the violet, when it is very close you will get his face on the whole screen and you will hear a scream.If you look at it for more than 5 seconds you die and the game. It does not work for time. The game takes place throughout the garden of these famous dolls, so you will find their home, their crazy vacuum cleaner, the garden phones and many more surprises.

I recommend this game

As said, if you like the game of lender Slenderman ’I recommend you try this one. Obviously it is not the same but varying from time to time is never too much.

And now a little help on the controls of the game:

Advance / W

Down / S

Move Left / A

Move right / D

Look around / Move the mouse

Sprint / c

Turn on the flashlight and turn it off / F or right mouse button

Jump – Space

Map – M

Show and Hide Cursor / G and H (currently not working online)

Toggle Talk – T

To clarify its purpose:

– Single player: Objective: The objective is to collect all 10 teletubby crashes without being caught by the slendertubby.

– Competitive mode (Online): Objective: Play against your friends and try to collect all the creams before doing so! Be warned though, each player has a slenytubby chasing them.

– Versus Online: Objective: Players should try to collect the 10 Teletubbies. One of the players however, plays as slendertubby and all players must wear.

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