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Free games on GNU / Linux

After several days searching the internet, especially forums and repositories of distros I have found many important links and games that should have a certain respect for the community. Of course I have not resorted to look for them in “shopping” platforms of video games that we all already know, and I put it in quotes because a trap has been found in politics so that you do not actually buy the games, just a sad license.

Well, on the subject, I wanted to share and thus thank the community for making games with those licenses.

One that I currently have on my computer and that I like very much is “Frets on Fire”. Maybe by that name you don’t know what it is about, but if I tell you “Guitar Hero” then it sounds safe. This more than “Guitar Hero” is “Keyboard Hero”, it even has some tips and tutorials to make your keyboard a guitar.

Another for this impromptu list is Secret Maryo Chronicles, which I liked so much that I decided to make a cover and keep it on a disc. You are Maryo (I don’t know if it sounds like Mario XD) and you have to go through the different levels until you reach the castle. A platform that anyone who has played at least a Mario Bros will remember games against a “Game Boy”.

For the most exquisite and demanding, there is also “Frets On Fire X” which you can connect your guitar to your Play / Xbox / Wii and put on the computer to play with songs from the community. So take your pique with friends to the limit to see more points.

Do you think that is not enough?

Now comes the best that more than one will be forced to play:

Things as they are and anyone who has been playing video games for a while will have heard Minecraft. Now that Microsoft has passed its tickets through Mojang and bought it, it is the best time to move on to some more free games like Minetest.

Minetest is one of the four games that fight to create a free Minecraft and take care of your community. This game is worth at least seeing your page and getting to know the developers a little more. Worthy of applause for this game that can be played on all GNU / Linux distros.

Terasology is another that being made under Java looks a bit more like Minecraft and also a very advanced development. Unfortunately I could not because I am Debian Wheezy is not updated enough.

And we can’t talk about the previous two without talking in a row about these of which I’m not going to talk much about them because they don’t even serve me for Debian Wheezy. At least Terasology I can research a little but of these, I have achieved less. These are: Manic Digger and gnomescroll.

 You do not have enough ?

Let’s go to the point that I have left of this little review of a great and full of amazing community people.

Finally I want to talk about two games that each game has a substitute. And if I tell you that it is about cakes the story may sound like you. Or even if we talk about space, we have finished profiling the memory and I will talk about Portal.

Portal has two substitute games:

One is glportal which “treats” the same as the first game. Worthy of applause to the creators and to thank them with all my heart even though I could not play because of Debian.

Another is “glportal 2”, the pity is that the latter seems to be abandoned or have joined the cause of glportal and then continue with this to facilitate the story.

Of course and before saying goodbye, to thank each person who helps us to gain the power of our computer every day and not divide it among four companies.

Thank you and see you soon.

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