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When making a choice, the far better to insulate the roofing (μονωσεις) of a personal house, it is required to take into consideration not only the cost of the structure product, its technical characteristics, but additionally the nuances of the setup work. You can mount the warmth insulator on your own, but in some cases it is much better to use the solutions of knowledgeable roofing contractors. Insulation selection policies – the much better to insulate When selecting a heat-insulating material, to start with, pay attention to the kind of roofing system, which is pitched or level. Functions of the roofing system structure affect the needs for insulation. When picking it, a variety of criteria are examined: thermal conductivity – the reduced its indicator, the extra effective the insulation will be; period of service life without loss of high quality; moisture resistance; the capacity to preserve the initial criteria; environmental friendliness – the insulation does not consist of hazardous substances; frost resistance – in case of a temperature drop, the efficiency residential or commercial properties of the thermal insulation product should not weaken; certain gravity – preference must be offered to low-density heaters, which will not weigh down the roof covering structure; fire resistance; sound insulation – is of fantastic relevance when arranging “loud” roof, for instance, from metal tiles. When they are figured out with the question of just how to insulate the roofing system of a personal residence, it is not a good idea to make errors that affect the high quality of thermal insulation work: Conserving cash on high quality. Professionals suggest buying insulation from producers that have shown themselves well for a very long time. Laying a layer of insulation of not enough density. Offense of the innovation for accomplishing installment work. All materials utilized for thermal insulation of roof coverings secretive households are divided into several teams: in the form of plates; roll; sprayed; mass. Mineral woollen for the roof covering of a personal house Picking just how to insulate the roofing system from the within a personal residence, numerous choose mineral woollen. It is made use of to furnish the insulation of flat as well as pitched roofs. This fibrous material is generated from liquified rock. In the building materials market, mineral woollen is sold in the form of mats (plates) and roll items. When choosing, one should take into consideration its thickness as well as thickness. Among the advantages of mineral wool: high level of thermal insulation; incombustibility; environmental cleanliness; security of parameters; easy installation; budget-friendly cost; soundproofing; lack of rats and bacteria. Stiff mineral fiber slabs are made use of for exterior insulation of a flat roof covering framework. Mineral wool with a lesser density as well as density is utilized to protect angled roofs. Insulation utilizing this material calls for the setup of hydro-, vapor barrier and ventilation gaps. These layers stop dampness from gathering in the insulation. Otherwise, the heat-insulating top qualities of the mineral wool are lowered, as well as degeneration procedures begin in the rafter system. Glass wool It is sold on the construction market in rolls and in the form of plates. This is an eco-friendly insulation with good soundproofing high qualities. When installing a heat-insulating layer utilizing glass wool, roofing contractors make use of safety clothes and also special tools as well as observe safety preventative measures so as not to damage health and wellness. Prior to insulating a roof covering in an exclusive house with mineral woollen, you require to choose a vapor barrier material, and at the same time, glass wool slabs might already have an aluminum foil finishing outside – its visibility simplifies the installment of the thermal insulation layer. Roof insulation with foam This popular tile product is additionally called extruded polystyrene foam. It is used to protect roof coverings. It is distinguished by high rates of thermal insulation, immune to damp air. Because the product does not soak up vapors, it can be applied straight to the waterproofing layer without developing an air gap. The flammability and also vapor permeability of expanded polystyrene makes it improper for arranging a shielded flat soft roofing. When insulating an angled roof, tiled foam is put between the rafters in one layer. In this situation, the sides of the material must be securely beside the wooden structures. Also, the joints of the plates need to be treated with polyurethane foam and then reinforced tape must be glued ahead.